Monday, February 22, 2016

2/24 Info Session: MedServe Fellows Program

Information Session
Wednesday, 2/24
Chemistry 304

MedServe is a 2-year, full-time, post-college community service fellowship in rural and other underserved community primary care medicine located in sites across North Carolina. Do you want to understand how to combine a career in medicine with public or community service? Would you like to see what it’s like to be a part of a medical team committed to community improvement? MedServe host clinics, operating in low-resource settings, have gone above and beyond to provide innovative models and extensive service to their communities; your fellowship with them will give you a front-row seat to the best of primary care medicine.

At MedServe, we believe that you can’t really learn about the U.S. healthcare system by just shadowing doctors. You need to be part of a healthcare team. We also believe that everyone can play an active role in a clinic, no matter your experience level.

If you're interested in a future healthcare career and want to understand how you can change the world through medicine, MedServe is for you!

As a MedServe Fellow, you will perform two jobs at a host clinic: a clinical role that allows you to work closely with a rock-star primary care doctor and a community role that allows you to see how primary care issues can be addressed outside the walls of a clinic, by getting to know patients as people & understanding local healthcare systems. Clinical roles include medical assistant, medical scribe & medical interpreting roles. Community roles include community health worker, health coach & quality improvement project manager.

Desired Skills
We are looking for committed difference-makers and eager learners. Successful MedServe candidates may have any of the following:
  • Life or learning experiences that make learning about primary care in medically underserved communities meaningful work
  • A genuine passion for people that makes them great team players & empathetic care providers
  • Evidence of acting on their values (e.g. by seeing a problem or injustice and doing something about it)
  • Leadership experience, especially if through civic engagement or community service
  • Experience being an proactive, independent learner and being action-oriented
  • A budding interest in medicine. Specific interest in primary care is encouraged, but not required
Application deadline: March 2nd
Find out more on CAVLink Posting # 72063