Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Apply to be a member of ADAPT

Interested in making Grounds a safer place?

Apply to be a member of ADAPT - the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team!

We’re a group of trained peer educators who work to spread the word about how to stay safe while drinking. We know that use is not abuse – so we give presentations, table on the Lawn, and hand out freebies to raise awareness and minimize the abuse of alcohol and other drugs around Grounds!

We’re now recruiting for the next class of dedicated, responsible students who are passionate about the concern of alcohol and other drug abuse at UVa and who demonstrate a strong commitment to better our community. The recruitment process consists of an application (due Tuesday, March 15) and interview.  If you are selected for the group, you’ll take a three-credit training course in the fall (Tues/Th 2:00-3:15).

If you’re interested in joining ADAPT as a peer educator, you can find the application HERE. If you have any questions about ADAPT recruitment, please email adapt-recruitment@virginia.edu. We look forward to reading your application!