Monday, March 27, 2017

Highlighted Pre Health Courses

Check out these classes you can take next fall to learn more about the world of health!

ELA 2559: Liberal Arts and the Health Professions
Instructor: Kim Sauerwein, Director of Pre-Health and Law Advising
Liberal Arts and the Health Professions introduces 2nd and 3rd year UVA students to diverse health professions while engaging in a career exploration process. Students explore how insights from various disciplines inform their understanding of healthcare.  Guest lectures and informational interviews connect students with healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of the various health professions and to assess their own career goals.  Students develop skills in interdisciplinary research and problem solving, in oral and written communication, and the integration of diverse perspectives.  

GNUR5390: Introduction to the US Health System
Instructor: Ben Mayes
This course is designed to provide an overview of (1) how health care is financed, organized, and delivered in the U.S., as well as (2) the major policy challenges created by the system's organization, or lack thereof. In drawing from a variety of perspectives-including political science, economics and history-the course surveys the key stakeholders: those who pay for, provide and receive care.