Thursday, March 30, 2017

Personal Care Attendant - Job Opportunity

My name is Rachel, and I will be an incoming first year at UVA in the fall.  I have muscular dystrophy, and I require full time use of a wheelchair.  I would like to employ a group of female students on a rotational basis (to accommodate scheduling conflicts) to help take care of my basic activities of daily life, such as dressing, bedding, toileting, and showering.  I will need a total of about 8-10 hours per day of daily assistance.  The schedules can vary based on availability.
The pay is about $12 an hour. I will handle the timesheets and payment will be from Virginia Medicaid.  No experience is necessary, but must be willing to learn, be reliable, and have a valid driver’s license.  My expectation is to have a minimum commitment of at least one semester, preferably at least two.
If interested, please email or call/text 703-625-4362. Thank you!