Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spring Semester 2016 Health Related Courses

Don't know what classes to take next semester? With registration quickly approaching, check out this list of courses you could take in the Spring related to Pre Health. See Lou's List for descriptions and SIS to add courses to your shopping cart for next semester.

Marriage, mortality, fertility ANTH 2129
Medical anthropology ANTH 2280
Anthropology of development and humanitarianism ANTH 2285
Social and cultural anthropology ANTH 2590
Disease, epidemics and society ANTH 3130
Controversies of care in contemporary africa ANTH 3310
The DNA Revolution in Science and Society BIOL 1040
Principles of nutrition BIOL 1060
Nerve Cells, Networks and Animal Behavior BIOL 1080
Introductory Biololgy Lab II BIOL 2040
Intro to Biology w/Lab: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology BIOL 2200
Cell Biology BIOL 3000
Genetics and Molecular Biology  BIOL 3010
Microbiology in the Genomics Era BIOL 3120
Microbiology Lab BIOL 3150
Introduction to Immunology BIOL 3240
Introduction to Animal Behavior BIOL 3250
Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL 3420
human genetics BIOL 4250
Introductory College Chemistry + lab CHEM 1420-1421
Introductory Chemistry for Engineers + lab CHEM 1620-1621
Organic Chemistry II + lab CHEM 2420-2321
From Lab Bench to your Medicine Cabinet CHEM 4430
Speaking in public DRAM 1020
Economics of health ECON 4160
Studies in fiction: medical narratives ENLT 2526
Medical Terminolgy KINE 2850
Nutrition KINE 3400
Comtemporary Health Issues KINE 3420
Biomechanics/Motor Control of Human Movement KINE 3620
Emergency Medical Care KINE 3630
Neuroscience of Exercise KINE 3660
Practicum in Kinesiology KINE 4000
Athletic Injuries KINE 4600
Research in Neuroscience NESC 3960
Current Topics in Neuroscience II NESC 3985
Strategies for Prehospital Emergency Care I NUIP 4004
Strategies for Prehospital Emergency Care II NUIP 4006
Issues of life and death PHIL 1740
Introduction to Health Research Methods PHS 3130
Built Environment & Public Health: Local to Global PHS 3620
Global Public Health:  Challenges and Innovations PHS 3825
Principles of physics II + lab PHYS 2020-2040
Introductory Psychology PSYC 1010
Animal Behavior PSYC 2210
Introduction to Social Pyschology PSYC 2600
Abnormal Psychology PSYC 3410
Intro to Sociology SOC1010