Friday, February 3, 2017

UVA Pre-Health Advising Credential Pilot Program 2017

What is the Pre-Health Advising Credential? 
Some medical schools require or highly value a holistic committee letter of evaluation from the undergraduate institution. The University of Virginia does not offer a committee letter. In early 2016, the Health Professions Advising Task Force at UVA proposed the creation of a document which would help contextualize UVA applications from the pre-health advisors' point of view. The Pre-Health Advising Credential came out of this recommendation as a pilot project for 2017. It will be sent alongside regular letters of recommendation and serve as a lens by which to view UVA applications to medical school. 

How will it help UVA applicants? 
While there are minimal requirements to participate in the Pre-Health Advising Credential pilot, participants and non-participants will be encouraged to engage with pre-health advising prior to their application. We hope the Advising Credential will provide additional incentive for students to engage with advisors and attend events/workshops. The more students are engage with Pre-Health Advising, the more likely they are to have gained the right tools and information for a successful medical school application. 

What are the requirements for participation? 
  • Participants must be UVA students or alumni applying to medical school in the 2017-'18 application cycle.
  • Students who are interested in participating in the Pre-Health Advising Credential pilot must indicate their interest at Advising Credential Interest by midnight on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. 
  • A random number generator will be used to select thirty (30) participants from those who've expressed interest. Participants and non-participants will be notified of their status on Friday, February 10, 2017. 
  • Those selected to participate must complete an online Advising Credential Self-Reflection requires applicants to rate and reflect on seven Leadership Competencies identified by the UVA Division of Student Affairs. 

What is the timeline for the Pre-Health Advising Credential? 
Events in blue are required for participation. All other events are optional and highly encouraged for all 2017/2018 applicants. Workshops and events are open to all students, all years. 

February 8: Deadline for applicants to indicate interest at Advising Credential Interest
February 10: Participants and non-participants will be informed of their status
February 14: Application Series: Letters of Recommendation Workshop
February 21: Application Series: Personal Statement Workshop
March 14: Bridge Year and Your Career Event
March 22: Deadline to complete Advising Credential Self-Reflection 

April 11: Application Series: School Selection Workshop
April 18: Application Series: Interviewing Workshop
May 15: Deadline to open Interfolio account

June 15: Pre-Health Advising Credential upload to Interfolio  

Why are only 30 applicants able to participate? 
The proposed Pre-Health Advising Credential requires significant resources to support applicants to medical school. Our three advisors currently allocate their time to other applicant needs. If this pilot project is beneficial to students, we will advocate for more resources to expand this option to more applicants. 

For more information, visit Pre-Health Advising Office Hours in Monroe 261, Monday - Thursday,
1:30 - 4:30pm or make a half hour appointment to speak with a pre-health advisor at