Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lawndale Christian Health Center 1-Year Internship

Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC) is an inner city primary care clinic on the west side of Chicago. LCHC serves the underprivileged neighborhoods of West Chicago, primarily in North Lawndale and South Lawndale. The health center was founded in 1984 as a ministry of Lawndale Community Church, inspired by the dream of a small group of students in the neighborhood and their coach, Wayne Gordon, to serve their neighbors in a meaningful and tangible way. The clinic has grown from its humble beginnings with 3 exam rooms to a large health center with 6 sites, serving over 200,0000 patients per year. As it grows, LCHC holds to its mission to show and share the love of Jesus Christ by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare for Lawndale and the neighboring communities. For more information about the LCHC history and mission, please visit 

LCHC offers a number of paid 1-year internships for recent college graduates looking to learn more about healthcare for the underserved as they prepare for medical, PA, or nursing school. LCHC's two medical directors, Dr. Determer and Dr. Rowell, started the internship program to fill important functions at the clinic, mentor future healthcare professionals, and expose them to care for the underserved.

Information about the following positions can be found under the "apply now" link here.
  • Clinical Quality Intern
  • Medical Operations Intern
  • Health-Information Technology Intern
  • Complex Care Coordinator
Applicants for one position will be considered for all four, unless specifically requested otherwise. Interviews will likely begin February 6th, so applicants are encouraged to submit applicants before then although applications will remain open until February 20th.

Contact Parker Rea, LC HC Medical Operations Assistant at