Monday, December 5, 2016

Summer 2017 Opportunities

Making plans for the summer? There are countless health-related summer opportunities across the nation. Begin by considering these questions:
  • Are you looking for broad exposure to a healthcare settings to explore a particular profession?
  • You'll need experience observing healthcare professionals as well as working directly with patients. Which type of experience do you currently have the least experience with?
  • Are you interested in working with a particular patient population? 
  • Would you like exposure to a specialty area within healthcare? 
  • Are you interested in research? 
  • How might you tailor your experience to your particular interests? 
Below are some resources and starting points to begin your search! Keep in mind, many application deadlines occur around between early February and early March.

UVA Resources
External Sources
Networking Resources 

Use these resources to identify and reach out to UVA alumni and others in your field of interest. While this may or may not necessarily lead directly to a summer opportunity, it will provide you a new contact in your area of interest who may be able to offer additional tips for your search! 
Funding Resources