Thursday, November 3, 2016

Health Related Courses for J Term and Spring 2017

Looking at courses for this winter or spring? Don't know what to take? Check out these courses related to health!

This is not a complete listing of health-related courses or pre-requisite requirements. Please speak with your academic advisors and pre-health advisor when making course selections.

ANTH1010 Intro to Anthropology
ANTH2270 Race, Gender, and Medical Science
ANTH 2280 Medical Anthropology
ANTH3020 Disease, Epidemics and Society
ANTH5360 World Mental Health
PHIL1740 Issues of Life and Death
PHS3825 Global Public Health: Challenges and Innovations
PSYC 1010 Introductory Psychology
PSYC 2150 Intro to Cognition
PSYC 2210 Animal Behavior
PSYC 2600 Social Psychology
PSYC 2700 Intro to Child Psychology
PSYC 3410 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 4559-001 New Course in Psychology - Animal Cognition 
SOC 1010 Introductory Sociology
SOC 3700 Health and Society
SOC 4280 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
ELA3559 Words Matter: Writing, Leadership, and Community Engagement
NUIP4006 Strategies for Prehospital Emergency Care II
EDHS1120 Foundations of Community Engagement
EDLF3180 Lifespan Development
SCIENCE Course Name
BIOL1060 Principles of Nutrition
BIOL1080 Nerve Cells, Networks, and Animal Behavior
BIOL2200 Intro to Biology with Lab
BIL3000 Cell Biology
BIOL3010 Genetics and Molecular Biology
BIOL3040 Developmental and Regenerative Bio
BIOL3240 Intro to Immunology
BIOL3250 Intro to Animal Behavior
BIOL3270 General Microbiology and Lab
BIOL3420 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL4230 Bioformatics and Functional Genomics
BIOL4250 Human Genetics
BIOL4260 Cellular Mechanisms- Focus on Cancer
BIOL4280 Genetic Basis of Behavior
BIOL4310 Sensory Neurobiology
BIOL4350 Metabolism: In Sickness and in Health
BIOL4390 Biological Therapy of Cancer
CHEM1400 Foundations of Chemical Principles
CHEM1420 Intro to College Chemistry II
CHEM 1421 Intro to College Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 1620 Introductory Chemistry II for Engineers
CHEM 1621 Introductory Chemistry II for Engineers Labs
CHEM2420 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2321 Organic Chemistry II Lab for Non-Chemistry Majors/Minors
CHEM 2421 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 4410 Biological Chemistry I
CHEM 44120 Biological Chemistry II
PHYS 2020 Principles of Physics II
PHYS 2040 Basic Physics Laboratory II
PHYS1429 General Physics I Workshop
STAT2020 Statistics for Biologists
STAT2120 Introduction to Statistical Analysis
KINE 3660 Neuroscience of Exercise
KINE 4400 Nutrition and Athletic Performance
J Term Course Name
BIOL 3559 Evolution and Medicine
ENSP 1600 Public Speaking
SOC 2498 Prozac Culture
STS 2500-10129 Science & Technology in Social & Global Context: American Health Care
BME 3030 Design and Innovation in Medicine
STAT3559 Data Analytics and Decision Making