Friday, December 4, 2015

Pre-Dental Students: Next Steps for Applicants Who Did Not Receive Dec 1 Admission

Written by Emil Chuk, PhD, Admissions Director
Case Western University School of Dental Medicine

The admissions committee has made its decisions, and all of the December 1 offers have been distributed. The emotions of the day have died down. Some friends are gleeful having received an offer -- or several offers -- from dental schools where they interviewed just a few weeks before.

But you didn't get an offer.

What happened? Why were you excluded from the joy of receiving an offer of admission, of validating years of coursework and shadowing, all with the sole purpose of getting into dental school?

December 1 "Decision Day" can be a cruel day for those who wind up without an offer of admission. Self-doubt and uncertainty may loom over you for the rest of the day, the week, perhaps the month. It feels like your dream has been crushed, and even the delight of winter break and holidays can't life your feeling of misery.

So, now what? 

1. Don't forget you can get an offer after December 1.
2. Find out how alternate lists work.
3. Keep interviewing.
4. Be available and followup with significant improvements and updates.
5. Stay out of trouble.
6. Prepare your FAFSA as best as you can.
7. Relax but stay ready.

Movement among alternate lists is greatest around April 1 when AADSAS begins reporting to schools where applicants have placed deposits, as applicants are supposed to designate their dental school of choice by that date.

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