Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bridge Year Opportunity: Urology Clinic Full-Time Internship

Busy and pleasant Urology clinic in Reston, VA (Northern Virginia Area) is seeking a dependable, on-time, and cordial college graduate to join their team. This is a paid, full-time internship of 1-2 year(s) duration, perfect for an individual seeking more experience in the medical health sciences with hopes of going to a medical, nursing, physician's assistant, or allied-health sciences school. This would be an excellent opportunity for those taking a bridge year or two prior to attending professional school. 

You must be mature; organized; have excellent written, verbal, and typing skills; and must be committed to delivering excellent customer service. Proficiency with Microsoft Office 2010 is expected. No prior medical experience required, although preferred. 

Interns may receive training in any of the following: using electronic health records, collecting patient medical history, checking patients in and out at front desk, using electronic billing systems, answering phones, and keeping the meeting schedule for the physician. Applicants must be willing to learn and work with multiple medical systems. 

Immediate work available! Please email resumes to Please do not hesitate to contact the office at 703-742-7757. You may leave a message with the answering service if you are unable to reach someone. 

*Notification sent by UVA alum who worked in this office for the past year.