Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Urgent Application Reminders

CAS Coursework Entry Service
Many of the health professions centralized application services (AADSAS, OptomCAS, VMCAS, etc.) offer a coursework entry service for a non-refundable charge of approximately $50.00 for 1-2 transcripts (with additional cost for additional transcripts). 

Please be aware: the coursework entry service can take 5-10 business days to enter the information, then the application is sent back to the applicant for verification that the information was correctly entered, and then the application enters the verification line. If applicants do not approve the entry, the application is considered incomplete.

UVa Pre-Health Advising strongly suggests students not utilize this service due to the subsequent processing delays for application submission and verification.

AMCAS Timing
Even if your application is verified in June, AMCAS will not release your information to medical schools until July 1. Thus, schools will not know you are applying to their programs until then. The first day you might start to receive secondary applications is July 1st, but some will be sent later depending on the school specific process.