Wednesday, March 19, 2014

South Florida’s summer program aims to build careers in occupational health and safety

Undergraduate students interested in honing their skills are invited to apply for the Summer Institute in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Hosted at the USF College of Public Health in Tampa, the program runs from June 22-27. During the week-long session, OHS participants visit with experts in the College of Public Health and the Tampa Bay area.  Through a series of lectures, laboratory sessions, and field experiences, students learn how OHS professionals are trained to treat and prevent occupational illnesses, why illness occurs in the workplace, and how to make the workplace a safer environment.

Thanks to funding from Sunshine Education and Resource Center all tuition, fees, housing, food, and travel are paid for by the summer institute.  For additional information and to apply, visit the institute’s website or contact Dr. Salazar at or (813) 974-9623.