Thursday, January 2, 2014

VCOM Letters of Recommendation Change

The following is a message from VCOM regarding letters of recommendation.

"If your student applies to VCOM and has not shadowed a DO, he/she may submit a letter from an MD to complete his/her file. This will be sufficient to be considered for an interview. If accepted, the student would then be required to shadow a DO after acceptance but prior to matriculation. We will help that person locate a DO if he/she cannot find one from among DOs we have had prior students shadow. 

Of course, if the applicant has time and can shadow a DO (i.e., your applicants for the August 2015 cycle) that is beneficial for them to do, as it shows their commitment to the profession. However, we know that applicants at this time of year may have a difficulty scheduling and “getting in” to shadow a DO and we don’t want them to delay getting in their application completed right away. Therefore, we will accept a letter from either an MD or DO which demonstrates their understanding of what it is like to be a physician and will be considered for an interview and acceptance.

I hope this helps your applicants. The most important thing is to apply or complete the application process now for this cycle. Our seat are filling up and after we are filled wait list spots will only be available."